Lexy Mojo-Eyes

Lexy Mojo-Eyes

TOPIC: Roadmap to Fashion Entrepreneurship

Lexy Mojo Eyes has been the vanguard and catalyst in the Nigerian and African fashion Industry. He introduced the first major fashion event in Nigeria known as “The Nigeria Fashion Show”. He began by re-orienting Nigerian designers to look inward to all local fabrics, accessories and designs in their production line. According to Lexy‘’,  If we wish to successfully compete globally in the world stage, then we must look inward for inspiration”.

Today, unlike years back, every Nigerian designer uses mainly locally assembled materials. Thanks to Lexy’s initiative which has inspired the past, present and future generations of designers from this part of the world.

The first Nigeria Fashion Show was held in 1997 and it was a grand success. Since then, it has been held annually till date. In 2000, Lexy took 10 Nigerian top designers to its first international edition of the Nigeria Fashion Show in Paris. From Paris, the event moved on to Milan, Rome, London, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Shanghai etc. He got the wife of Nigeria’s former President, late Chief  (Mrs) Stella Obasanjo as grand patron of the Nigeria Fashion Show. She supported and witnessed these events both at home and abroad.

In 2005, he was appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Information and Communications to produce fashion shows as part of the Heart of Africa Project. For this project, he produced fashion shows in Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Paris and London.

In 2007, Lexy got Nigeria endorsed by the World Fashion Organization as the 41st member country of the world fashion body. He got appointed into the International Committee of the World Fashion Organization in 2006. Due to his immeasurable contribution to the growth and development of the Fashion industry in Africa, in 2008, he was further appointed as the only African on the Board of Governors of World Fashion Organization.

In 2010, he Produced and Directed Nigeria/South Africa Bi-National Commission fashion & music show held at the banquet hall of the Presidential Villa in Abuja. He was commissioned to organise this event by the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and broadcast by MTV Base. In attendance was Nigerian & South African Presidents.

He was invited to Perth Australia, September, 2011 where he addressed the International Fashion Incubators Conference on how to create wealth in Africa through the fashion and garment industry.

He was invited to address the United Nations Assembly in New York March, 2012 with the topic ‘Empowering African Rural Creative Women through Enterprise Development & Global Fashion Opportunities

He was also invited in October, 2012 to address a forum for Department of International Trade, Fashion Institute of Technology of the New York State University. He spoke on ‘Africa, the Next Emerging Marketplace’

His company, Legendary Gold Limited owns and organises The Nigeria Fashion Show, the Nigeria Fashion Week, the Nigeria Fashion Awards, the Nigeria Model Awards and their new initiative – Africa Fashion Reception. Through one of his events, the Nigeria Fashion Week, he had the first going green fashion initiative in Africa. It attracted international media coverage from CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, REAUTERS etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQWYYJ1Nn4g

Since he became the only African on the Board of the World Fashion Organization, he has continuously used his position in the world’s fashion governing body to the advantage of Nigeria and Africa. http://www.wfoi.org/wfoboard/bodlist.html

In April, 2015, Lexy Mojo Eyes was invited by the African Union to address the 4th Pan African Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In 2016, he was received in Elysee Palace – the French President’s residence by Francois Hollande, the immediate past French President. He was recognized as one of those who have promoted bi-lateral relationship between France and Africa through the Africa Fashion Reception project. https://www.qed.ng/nigerian-fashion-promoter-lexy-mojo-eyes-meets-french-president/#.Wrd3idTwbIU

Over the years, his organization, Legendary Gold Limited has worked with the following local & international organisations.

His company since 2013 extended the success it brought to the Nigerian fashion industry to the rest of Africa through the introduction of the Africa Fashion Reception. This is in collaboration with the African Union and UNESCO.