Gift Nwankwo

Gift Nwankwo

TOPIC: Mentorship & finding your purpose

Gift Nwankwo is a Nigerian born Female, bred and married in Port Harcourt. She is an Ijaw girl from a tiny village called Famgbe in Yenagoa local government area of Bayelsa state.and is married to an Igbo man from Arochukwu in Abia state, and a mother to four young adults.

She have been doing cake and cooking (catering) business since 1998 till date. In between, she did network marketing from 2005-2007, mentoring and facilitating with fate foundation 2007-2008 and went on to work with the Bayelsa state government as an executive assistant from 2008-2012, and then as Business director with Limpopo Springs hotel from 2013 to present day.

In doing all these, she have always had a strong desire to help women and aspiring business individuals to find their path in terms of turning their skills to profit. She have been teaching skills acquisition in churches, different communities (through government organized programmes) and schools.

In the course of her teaching, she came to the realization that a lot of people have acquired skills but do not know how to turn it into money making venture. Knowledge is not enough, if you cannot apply it into usefulness. Therefore, she decided to organize free classes for people in churches and programmes where her services is needed teaching them how to turn their skills to profit.

These free classes have marked a defining moment in her life and made her to question all what I had been doing. Since all of her children are grown up and have left the house, she realized that she have a lot of time in her hands and it is time to change her career path to teaching and helping people realize their dreams. A lot of people do not know where to start from in business even though they have knowledge and skills, and that is where she comes in. she is the bridge to make dreams come true.

In teaching she realized that she was fulfilling people’s dreams and that gave her joy and satisfaction

“In the course of teaching cake making and decoration, I have encountered various marketing questions from students such as “How can I sell my cakes?” “How can I market my business on Social Media” “Who will buy my type of cakes?” amongst others.

This in turn means that if cake making students are asking questions on marketing, it implies that other individual acquiring differing skills will be having same issues and that is where I come in; teaching you on how to turn your skills to profit. I motivate individuals with my teaching with the key message being that “any and everything is possible if you have the set skills and a little guidance”

she can help you to find your niche, create your market and sell your products through the right channels and to the right market