"The Fashion industry on its own is a key component of global economy and certainly an important sector to consider when thinking about sustainable development."

The Port Harcourt Fashion and Design Week is a three-day fashion event targeted at promoting sustainable development through stimulating youths who have interest and potentials in the fashion industry, with the necessary tools that will enable, encourage and support their aspirations of being successful and economically empowered youths.

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Revitalizing the Economy through Fashion Tourism🔥

Fashion tourism is an alternative form of tourism that attracts tourists from different part of the world; this trend is gradually becoming one of the more sought after niche in the tourism markets. Tourists seek destination that fulfills their needs, wants and desires for new tastes in the overall experience of the destination’s culture that reflects its creativity, innovation and intricate tapestry of skills and knowledge of the host.

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Historically the fashion industry has been used to uplift urban-based development objectives and the sector continues to be viewed as an important tool for economic and tourism development at a local and international level.

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